HPD Motors under water

Due to some inquiries about the robustness and durability of our HPDx motor series, we have carried out a study proving that these motors can even run under water:

Here is a small video clip:


AERO 2022

From 27.04 bis 30.04.2022 the leading show
for General Aviation took place in Friedrichshafen/Germany.

Geiger Engineering shows his complete electric drive drain components with many other customers which have such systems installed.

Here a small Videoclip:


articles and reports from professional journals :

Elektrifly-In in switzerland

At the regional airport Grenchen in Switzerland from 12.-13. September 2020 the Elektrifly-Inn will take place.


Manufacturers of aircraft and components with electric and hybrid systems were invited to present their latest developments. In addition to the Smartflyer project, DG Flugzeugbau presented the motor glider DG-1001e-neo, Klenhart Aerodesign presented the 120 kg UL glider Birdy with Geiger drive. Furthermore, the Eros ANT-e trike with the new Geiger HPD20 electric drive was represented by Thomas Frey. (120 kg class). After a test flight, circumnavigator Bertrand Piccard was impressed by the properties of the e-trike from Ukraine's AEros: „It was fantastic, Very healthy machine, Responsive and good performance. It’s so silent, I had so much fun.“


Winner E-Trophy:
1. Platz: Klaus Ohlmann, Lange Antares 20E von Serres (F), 357.6 km 
2. Platz: Thomas Weiss, Lange Antares 20E von Farrenberg (D) 204.1 km
3. Platz: Toni Roth, Birdy, von Mengen-Hohentengen (D) 185.7 km Geiger HPD 16




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