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We combine the know-how of industrial automation with the dream of flying.

Leading innovation

Joachim Geiger, the company's founder, is a passionate hobby pilot. It did not take long to realise that technical knowledge from automation technology and the world of aviation (avionics) could have a completely harmonious interaction.

So over the course of time, aviation with electronic support developed into a quickly-growing second area of business for Geiger Engineering .

Primarily, flying in light leisure craft like  hang-gliders, powers parachutes and microlights with electric drive and monitoring systems is in rapid development, in which  Geiger Engineering makes a leading contribution.



We will introduce your applications to our drive systems based on our high-power engines.


What else might be possible?

Our plans and ideas inspire first us, then our clients.


I soon realised that the technical know-how from automation and  the world of aviation result in a harmonious interplay.“ 

Joachim Geiger | Company founder and passionate hobby pilot