The range of our developments

Test system for film blisters and infusion bags 

Available in the versions:

  • Burst pressure test system BPS.
  • Cycle test system ZPS.
  • Test system for film blisters PFB1.
  • Leak Test System 10 LTS10S for 10-channel measurement of leaks.

Multicontrol 2010

Die Multicontrol 2010 is a compact linear pathway-/request control for eight channels (extendable).

The control system, which is intuitively operated via a touch panel includes all features such as valve dead time compensation, product tracking, operational data capture, etc.

Multiaxis application for logistics application 

Camera inspection with parts handling 

Digital measurement system for quality assurance of components 

Induction hardening appliance with multi-axis applications 

Control for folding carton manufacture in modular construction 

What else could be possible?

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