Here you can see some applications of our drive system based on the HPD12/16/20/32/40/50 high-performance motors. 

Elektra Trainer


With our Motor HPD50D and 10 Batterypacks this Aircraft has an endurance of about 2,5 hours.

 Additionally this drive Set has a redundancy Motorsystem for highest reliability.

The Elektra Trainer is offered from Elektra Solar:




One E-Drive motorized "E-Airship" with a HPD16. 

Three battery packs with each 3kWh energy will support this vehicle for 2 hours cruising. The innovative drive train has a higher performance than the original combustion engine. The certified conversion was made by in switzerland.


Taurus Elektro FES


Taurus FES fitted with our HPD40D and 6 Batterypacks, the system has a full redundancy drive architecture and a range of about 200km.




is a 120kg class aircraft. After 2 years development the sailplane shows his high performance with an alternative drive concept.

Our HPD16 drive set with a folding propeller complements this revolutionary aircraft design.


Elektra TWO Solar | OPS and UAS

Based on Elektra Two Solar the company offers the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) also for flights up to 20 km altitude, day-night missions like border control and homeland security applications. Elektra Two Solar UAS is an aircraft without a pilot aboard. The unmanned version can be flown in countries where unmanned flights are allowed. Due to the lack of a pilot, the aircraft is lighter than the OPS variant. The whole system includes the aircraft, a ground-based control station and a system for communications between both.

Fitted with our HPD32D and 8 batterypacks the system has a full redundancy drive architecture.

C42-CS e/power from Comco Ikarus  

The C42-CS e/power sets new standards not just for training aircraft. With our new HPD50/60D Duplex motor, the machine is not just adequately powered, it is also equipped with a redundant drive train. This makes sport flying even safer.



The Silent, motorized with a HPD20, has enough climbing power and with 3 of our battery packs an airtime from 100 minutes. The MC300 motorcontroller is positioning the propeller and controlling also the folding mechanism.

Diamant EP / Solid Air

The Diamant Trike EP from Solid Air is well designed. With our HPD16 motorized has the Trike enough starting power and with three battery packs an airtime of 80 minutes.


Swan electro by modern wings

The Swan is a 120kg class Ultralight aircraft with very good flying characteristics. The Swan can be disassembled quickly and stowed in the available hangar. You are therefore much more mobile with the Swan. The Swan is adequately powered with a HPD16 for flying tomes of  1hr 30h.

Ballon - Drive set's

With our E-Drive System it is possible to electrify balloon's

Balloon's with an electric drive system are able to operate in environmental sensitive areas.

ANT Trike with Combat-surface by AEROS

The ANT-Trike from the Ukrainian company AEROS here with a Combat surface stands out  with a high aerodynamic quality for a powered hang glider. With a HPD16 a two high capacity battery packs, flight times of 1 hr 20 with a 70 km range and climb rates of 3.5m/s without thermals can be achieved with this turretless high-performer.  the optional cladding reduces the power requirement by approx. 10-15%.

Youtube links:

Samson double-seat trike by La mouette

The Samson Trike from the company La mouette. Powered by an Atos 280 with an HPD20, two people can fly here. The next biggest power available here is the HPD32D. The optional fairing reduces the power needed by approx. 10-15%.

Silent Trike by AIR  

Silent Glider, powered by an HPD12 or optionally with an HPD16. With 2 Packs of the new high-capacity battery packs, flight times of 2 hours and a range of 140 km without thermals are possible with this.  

Further information from the manufacturer:

Atos Wing

Atos Wing, motorised with a HPD16 or HPD20. With 3 Packs of our high capacity battery packs it is possible to fly 2,5 hours over a range from 200 km without needing of thermals.

Weitere Infos beim Hersteller:


Luftikus 3

The Luftikus 3 was built by  Michael Osswald and first flew on 12.08.2016 from the Dolmar airfield. The "Spargel",  the already proven external shaft principle, is also shows the absolute quiet of the drive system and the possibilities of the flexible drive fitting,  here with an HPD16.


The APIS was electrified by Robert Steindl in early 2016 with an HPD16 and two types of high-current battery. With this, the Apis can reach an altitude of 1600m without thermals.

Mitchel Wing

The Mitchel Wing was re-equipped  to electric power with an HPD12 by Frank Mitchel. The Mitchel Wing is a 10m flying wing with a glide ration of 1:16 and was originally equipped with a 22HP two-stroke engine.

Ekolot Elf

The Ekolot Elf, powered by an HPD16. With two packs of the new high-capacity battery pack, flights of 1.5 hours and a range of 140 km without thermals are possible with this.

Further information from the manufacturer:

AXEL by Darius Lewek

AXEL by Darius Lewek, powered with an HPD12.  

See the glider in action here:

ULF 2 by Walter Dilling

Powered by the HPD16, the ULF2 with the current high-capacity battery packs can achieve a flying time of 1hr 30 and a range of  120km.  

Here to the website of the constructer Dieter Reich:

E-Lift by Toni Roth

Link to the aircraft manufacturer:

Die Elektra One by Calin Gologan

Our HPD16 and our HPD25  in the Elektra One provide the necessary power to allow the aircraft to lift off from the "green Airfield".

Ultra light trike by electric sports GmbH

See the glider in action here: – Electric Aircraft Fly Trike Glider – Atos VR 2012

Twin motor Trike by Manfred Ruhmer

Dragonfly Elektro Thermik Trike

Nano Trike by Icaro 2000

Trike with fuel cell by Helite (Gerard Thevenot)

Electro Paramotor / Paratrike (Skyjam)

Link to aircraft manufacturer:

Scott-E by Charly Produkte

See the glider in action here: – Charly Produkte

Link to the aircraft manufacturer:

Silent X by Swing/Fresh Breeze

Razmott oversize (Razeebuss)

Link to aircraft manufacturer:

Flycocoon by Andre Lecoultre

Electro Tandem Trike with HPD13.5 (Wolfgang Zankl)

Link to the aircraft manufacturer:

Scott-E by ST-Freestyle-EL-DELTA by Skyjam

Link to the aircraft manufacturer:

Swift-Elektro by Manfred Ruhmer

Woopy-elektro (Laurent Kalbermatten)

Héli-On by Jean-François Reumaux

See the glider in action here: – Witchcraft